EC-TEL 2013

Eighth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning

Scaling up learning for sustained impact

Paphos (Cyprus), 17 - 21 September 2013

Corporate Learning and Development
Challenges and Opportunities for the Digital Generation

The recruitment, assessment and development of human resources is now experiencing unprecedented and disruptive challenges for industry. The Digital Age is a fast changing competitive environment in which lifetime career development has been replaced by transient workforces moving from employer to employer, gaining skills and experience at each one before moving on.  Emerging Immersive Technologies such as social networks, virtual worlds and video games are massive drivers for change in the abilities and attitudes of the current and future generations of learners.

Through the use of concise video interviews with industry professionals on some of the greatest challenges and opportunities being faced today, this highly interactive panel will stimulate discussion and thought provoking insights on how technology is likely to impact and enhance learning and development over the coming years.

The panel of experienced European learning technology specialists will be moderated by David Wortley, former Founding Director of the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University and includes :-

  • Lucia Pannese, Founder and CEO of Milan-based serious games developers, Imaginary
  • Zvika Popper, International Projects Manager at Edna Pasher PhD & Associates in Tel-Aviv
  • Declan Dagger, Co-founder and CEO of EmpowerTheUser in Dublin
  • Fabrizio Giorgini, Head of R&D of Lattanzio Learning in Sestri Levante, Italy


Lucia graduated in Applied Mathematics and in 2004 she funded imaginary, the Italian serious games leader where she is covering the position of CEO and general director. Lucia is heavily involved in European research around Serious Games and digital interactive technologies for learning and training across several sectors, particularly health and care, smart cities and societies, culture and business.

Zvika is an international projects manager, researcher and consultant at Edna Pasher PhD & Associates. He is leading their International R&D activities as well as leading the Sustainable Development department at EP&A, and consulting to a wide range of organizations such as: Industry, Academia, Government etc. His expertise include: Sustainable resource management, ICT for Health and Wellbeing, E-Aging, Green building, Intellectual capital reports, CSR, strategic management etc. He also acts as a researcher in the field of Global warming and GHG, and promoting the implementation of emissions reduction projects.

Declan is the co-founder and CEO of EmpowerTheUser (ETU) Ltd, a company providing simulation software to the training and assessment industries, empowering the delivery of cost-effective, highly scalable and immersive simulations. Declan holds a Ph.D. in Personalised eLearning Development Environments from Trinity College Dublin and Intel. He has worked for over 10 years in applied research in learning and development, educational psychology, localisation and social media, funded through EU FP projects and National research initiatives

Fabrizio has a PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. He is Head of R&D of Lattanzio Learning (former Giunti Labs and eXact learning solutions). With more than 15 years of experience in EC projects, his research activities focus on multimedia publishing and advanced learning technologies (3-D, VR, AR, mobile and wearable) and standards.

EC-TEL 2013

Supporting Organizations

University of Cyprus
Tallinn University
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia