EC-TEL 2013

Eighth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning

Scaling up learning for sustained impact

Paphos (Cyprus), 17 - 21 September 2013

Programme Outline

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
16.09 17.09 18.09 19.09 20.09 21.09

WorkshopsIWEPLET, EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, ImREAL meeting

Workshops: IWEPLET, CulTEL, ARTEL, Creativity (CCL)

EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Doctoral Consortium

Tutorial: lSG Assessment

Workshops: WEILER, IWTA, TEFA, MATEL, Health

Doctoral Consortium

Horizon 2020: Smart Growth through TEL*

Keynote 2: John Daniel and
Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic

NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Keynote 3: Panagiotis Kampylis and Yves Punie

Workshop: EC-TEL meets ECSCW
10:00-10:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
10:30-12:30 WorkshopsIWEPLET, EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, ImREAL meeting

Workshops: IWEPLET, CulTEL, ARTEL, Creativity (CCL)

EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Doctoral Consortium

Tutorial: lSG Assessment

Workshops: WEILER, IWTA, TEFA, MATEL, Health

Doctoral Consortium

Horizon 2020: Smart Growth through TEL*

Scientific Sessions (Thu1.1, Thu1.2)

Industry Sessions

NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Scientific Sessions (Fri1.1, Fri1.2, Fri1.3)

Workshop: EC-TEL meets ECSCW
12:30-13:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30-15:00 WorkshopsIWEPLET, EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, ImREAL meeting

Workshops: IWEPLET, CulTEL, ARTEL, Creativity (CCL)

EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Doctoral Consortium
Workshops: WEILER, IWTA, TEFA, MATEL, Health

Doctoral Consortium

Scientific Sessions (Thu2.1, Thu2.2)

Industry Sessions

NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Scientific Sessions (Fri2.1, Fri2.2, Fri2.3)

Workshop: EC-TEL meets ECSCW
15:00-15:30 WorkshopsIWEPLET, EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, ImREAL meeting


EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Doctoral Consortium

Workshop: Health
15:30-16:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
16:00-16:30 WorkshopsIWEPLET, EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, ImREAL meeting (until 17:30)

EC-TEL 2013 Layers meeting, NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Doctoral Consortium

Demo Sprint Contest

NEXT-TELL Project Meeting

Panel on "Scaling Up Learning" Workshop: EC-TEL meets ECSCW
16:30-17:00 Keynote 1: Liina Munari
17:00-17:30 Closing

Workshop Wrap-Up

Poster/Demo Exhibition & Reception (posters will be exhibited till Friday)

18:00-18:30 Soccer Tournament


19:00-19:30 (EATEL Meeting)

Conference Dinner ("Limani Taverna" at Venue)

*participation is strictly by invitation


Conference Rooms

Monday 16.09
Tuesday 17.09 Wednesday 18.09 Thursday 19.09 Friday 20.09 Saturday 21.09
EATEL Meeting
Athena ImREAL

TEFA 2013 (09:00-15:30)

Hermes CuLTEL
Aphrodite “A” ARTEL

ECTEL meets ECSCW 2013 (09:00-17:00)

Aphrodite “B” Doctoral Consortium
Doctoral Consortium
Akamas “A”



Keynote 1


Keynote 2

Scientific Session (Thu1.1)

Scientific Session (Thu2.1)

Demo Sprint Contest


Keynote 3

Scientific Session (Fri1.1)

Akamas “B” Smart Growth (09:00-13:00)


Scientific Session (Thu1.2)

Scientific Session (Thu2.2)


Scientific Session (Fri1.2)

Scientific Session (Fri2.2)

Akamas “C” MATEL (09:00-15:30) 10:30-15:30
Industry session


Scientific Session (Fri1.3)

Scientific Session (Fri2.3)

Christian Barnard Workshop Wrap-Up
Poster/Demo Exhibition
Poster/Demo Exhibition


Scientific Session (Fri2.1)


Panel on Scaling Up Learning



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Thursday Session1.1 (10:30 - 12:30)

Learning Together

Chair: Michael Prilla

(Full paper) An Investigation of two Methods for the Technological Mediation of Collaborative Peer Feedback in Higher Education (Andria Pavlou and Eleni A. Kyza)

(Full paper) An Environment to Support Collaborative Learning by Modding (Sébastien George, Elise Lavoué and Baptiste Monterrat)

(Full paper) Research on Collaborative Planning and Reflection – Methods and Tools in the Metafora Project (Andreas Harrer, Kerstin Pfahler, Reuma de Groot and Rotem Abdu)

(Full paper) Research Evidence on the Impact of Technology-Enhanced Collaboration Scripts on Learning; A Contribution Toward a Script Theory of Guidance in CSCL (Stavros Demetriadis)


Thursday Session 1.2 (10:30 - 12:30)

Massive Open Online Learning

Chair: Carlos Delgado-Kloos

(Full paper) Analysing the Impact of Built-in and External Social Tools in a MOOC on Educational Technologies (Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Carlos Delgado-Kloos, Hugo A. Parada G., Mario Muñoz-Organero and Antonio Rodríguez-De-Las-Heras)

(Full paper) Evaluating the Use of Open Badges in an Open Learning Environment (Jose Luis Santos, Sven Charleer, Gonzalo Parra, Joris Klerkx, Erik Duval and Katrien Verbert)

(Full paper) Designing MOOCs for the Support of Multiple Learning Styles (Michael Totschnig, Franka Grünewald, Christoph Meinel and Christian Willems)

(Full paper) NLP-Based Heuristics for Assessing Participants in CSCL Chats (Costin-Gabriel Chiru, Traian Rebedea and Stefan Trausan-Matu)


Thursday Session 2.1 (13:30 - 15:30)

Learning at the Workplace

Chair: Kai Pata

(Full paper) Pervasive Interventions to Increase Pro-Environmental Awareness, Consciousness, and Learning at the Workplace (Dirk Börner, Marco Kalz, Stefaan Ternier and Marcus Specht)

(Full paper) Understanding and Supporting Reflective Learning Processes in the Workplace: The RL@Work Model (Birgit R. Krogstie, Michael Prilla and Viktoria Pammer)

(Full paper) Exploring LogiAssist - the Mobile Learning and Assistance Platform for Truck Drivers (Maren Scheffel, Uwe Kirschenmann, Andreas Taske, Katja Adloff, Maik Kiesel, Roland Klemke and Martin Wolpers)

(Short paper) Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology Enhanced Learning: Topics, Results, and Research Route (Teresa Holocher-Ertl, Christine Kunzmann, Lars Müller, Verónica Rivera-Pelayo and Andreas Schmidt)

(Short paper) Scaling Informal Learning: An Integrative Systems View on Scaffolding at the Workplace (Tobias Ley, John Cook, Sebastian Dennerlein, Milos Kravcik, Christine Kunzmann, Mart Laanpere, Kai Pata, Jukka Purma, John Sandars, Patricia Santos and Andreas Schmidt)


Thursday Session 2.2 (13:30 - 15:30)

Towards New Classrooms

Chair: Ulrich Hoppe

(Full paper) 3D Interactive Applications on Tablets for Preschoolers: Exploring the Human Skeleton and the Senses (Antonia Cascales, Maria Laguna Segovia, David Pérez-López, Pascual Perona and Manuel Contero)

(Full paper) Shared Annotations: the Social Side of Exam Preparation (Andrea Mazzei, Jan Blom, Louis Gomez and Pierre Dillenbourg)

(Full paper) Teaching Low-Functioning Autistic Children: ABCD SW (Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Beatrice Rapisarda, Caterina Senette and Maurizio Tesconi)

(Short paper) The Student-Role in the One-to-One Computing Classroom: Tensions Between Teacher-Centred Learning and Student-Centred Learning (Peter Bergström and Stina Årebrant)

(Short paper) A Case Study of Interactive Tabletops in Education: Attitudes, Issues of Orientation and Asymmetric Collaboration (Andri Ioannou, Maria Christofi and Christina Vasiliou)



Friday Session 1.1 (10:30 - 12:30)

Learning Design

Chair: Mike Sharples

(Full paper) Design Principles for Competence Management in Curriculum Development (Kai Pata, Kairit Tammets, Mart Laanpere and Vladimir Tomberg)

(Full paper) The Learning Design Studio: Educational Practice as Design Inquiry of Learning (Yishay Mor and Orit Mogilevsky)

(Full paper) Motivating Students or Teachers? Challenges for a Successful Implementation of Online-Learning in Industry-Related Vocational Training (Nils Malzahn, Tina Ganster, Nicole Sträfling, Nicole Kraemer and Ulrich Hoppe)

(Short paper) Applying the Widget Paradigm to Learning Design: Towards a New Level of User Adoption (Bernd Simon, Michael Aram, Frans Van Assche, Luis Anido Rifon, Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez and David Griffiths)

(Short paper) Towards an Integrated Learning Design Environment (Davinia Hernández-Leo, Jonathan Chacón, Luis P. Prieto, Juan I. Asensio-Perez and Michael Derntl)

(Short paper) Identifying Problem-Based Scaffolding Patterns in an Online Forum for Construction Professionals (Kairit Tammets, Mart Laanpere, Kai Pata and Tobias Ley)


Friday Session 1.2 (10:30 - 12:30)

Games - Serious and Fun

Chair: Sonja Hetzner

(Full paper) Designing a Mobile Learning Game to Investigate the Impact of Role-Playing on Helping Behavior (Birgit Schmitz, Stefaan Ternier, Roland Klemke, Marcus Specht and Marco Kalz)

(Full paper) Using a 3-D Online Game to Assess Students´ Foreign Language Acquisition and Communicative Competence (Anke Berns, Manuel Palomo, Juan Manuel Dodero and Concepcion Valero)

(Full paper) Teaching Logic Through Web-based and Gamified Quizzing of Formal Arguments (Peter Øhrstrøm, Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, Steinar Thorvaldsen and Thomas Ploug)

(Short paper) A Modeling Language to Describe Reusable Learning Processes to Achieve Educational Objectives in Serious Games (Eike M. Hirdes and Jan Marco Leimeister)

(Short paper) Creating Awareness of Emergency Departments Healthcare Values Using a Serious Game (Claudia Ribeiro, João Pereira and José Borbinha)


Friday Session 1.3 (10:30 - 12:30)

Personalization and Adaptation (I)

Chair: Vania Dimitrova

(Full paper) When One Textbook is not Enough: Linking Multiple Textbooks Using Probabilistic Topic Models (Julio Guerra, Sergey Sosnovsky and Peter Brusilovsky)

(Full paper) Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of an Adaptive Course in GALE (Vinicius Ramos, Paul De Bra and Geraldo Xexéo)

(Full paper) Rhythm Reading Exercises with PWGL (Mika Kuuskankare and Vesa Norilo) (cancelled)

(Short paper) Using Educational Domain Models in Automatic Item Generation Beyond Factual Knowledge Assessment (Muriel Foulonneau and Eric Ras)

(Short paper) Answering Confucius: the Reason Why we Complicate (Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Stella Pedrosa, Ricardo Kawase, Mohammad Alrifai, Ivana Marenzi, Stefan Dietze and Marco Antonio Casanova)


Friday Session 2.1 (13:30 - 15:30)

Mobile Learning

Chair: John Cook

(Full paper) Not Interested in ICT? A Case Study to Explore How a Meaningful m-Learning Activity Fosters Engagement Among Older Users (Patricia Santos, Mara Balestrini, Valeria Righi, Josep Blat and Davinia Hernández-Leo)

(Full paper) Supporting Citizen Inquiry: an investigation of Moon Rock (Eloy David Villasclaras Fernandez, Mike Sharples, Simon Kelley and Eileen Scanlon)

(Full paper) Analysis of Learners’ Field Trip Talk During a Collaborative Inquiry Task (Canan Blake, Eileen Scanlon, Alison Twiner, Trevor Collins, Ann Jones and Lucinda Kerawalla)

(Short paper) mLearning: Facilitating Conceptual Shifts in Pedagogy (Thomas Cochrane and Laurent Antonczak)

(Short paper) Using Smartphones and QR Codes for Supporting Students in Exploring Tree Species (Johan Eliasson, Ola Knutsson, Robert Ramberg and Teresa Cerratto-Pargman)


Friday Session 2.2 (13:30 - 15:30)

Larger Scale Adoption and the TEL Community

Chair: Christoph Rensing

(Short paper) A Six-Step Guide to Persuasive Learning (Karina Dyrby Kristensen)

(Full paper) Virtual Labs in Engineering Education: Modeling Perceived Critical Mass of Potential Adopter Teachers (Raghu Raman, Krishnashree Achuthan and Prema Nedungadi) (cancelled)

(Short paper) Serious Games Adoption in Organizations – An Exploratory Analysis (Johann Riedel and Aida Azadegan)

(Short paper) What Happened to the Crossdisciplinarity of Technology-Enhanced Learning in 2004? (Marco Kalz)

(Full paper) Interdisciplinary Cohesion of TEL – An Account of Multiple Perspectives (Philip Meyer, Sebastian Kelle, Thomas Daniel Ullmann, Peter Scott and Fridolin Wild)


Friday Session 2.3 (13:30 - 15:30)

Personalization and adaptation (II), Metacognition and Reflection

Chair: Peter Brusilovsky

(Full paper) Usage Context for Recommender Systems in TEL (Katja Niemann and Martin Wolpers)

(Full paper) Which User Interactions Predict the Level of Topical Expertise in Work-integrated Learning? (Tobias Ley and Barbara Kump)

(Full paper) Affective Metacognitive Scaffolding and User Model Augmentation for Experiential Training Simulators: A Follow-up Study (Gudrun Wesiak, Adam Moore, Christina M. Steiner, Claudia Hauff, Conor Gaffney, Declan Dagger, Dietrich Albert, Fionn Kelly, Gary Donohoe, Gordon Power and Owen Conlan)

(Short paper) Active Learners: Redesigning an Intelligent Tutoring System to Support Self-Regulated Learning (Yanjin Long and Vincent Aleven)

(Short paper) LIM App: Reflecting on Audience Feedback for Improving Presentation Skills (Verónica Rivera-Pelayo, Emanuel Lacić, Valentin Zacharias and Rudi Studer)


Discussion Panel on "Scaling Up Learning"

Moderation: Tobias Ley & Davinia Hernandez

Panelists: Peter Brusilovsky, Vania Dimitrova, Thomas Herrmann, Mike Sharples, Marcus Specht


Demos (17:30 - 21:00)

1    Learning, Learning Analytics, Activity Visualisation and Open Learner Model: Confusing?    (Susan Bull, Michael Kickmeier-Rust, Ravi K. Vatrapu, Matthew D. Johnson, Klaus Hammermueller, William Byrne, Luis Hernandez-Munoz, Fabrizio Giorgini and Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart)

2    ARLearn – Open Source Application Platform for Mobile Learning    (Dirk Bφrner, Stefaan Ternier, Roland Klemke, Birgit Schmitz, Marco Kalz, Bernardo Tabuenca and Marcus Specht)

3    SynC-LD: Synchronous Collaborative IMS Learning Design Authoring on the Web    (Michael Derntl, Petru Nicolaescu, Bezunesh Terkik and Ralf Klamma)

4    Blending Evidence and Users for TEL: an Overture    (Tania Di Mascio, Rosella Gennari and Pierpaolo Vittorini)

5    An Intelligent Tutoring System to Evaluate and Advise on Lexical Richness in Students Writings    (Jesus Miguel Garcia Gorrostieta, Samuel Gonzalez Lopez, Aurelio Lopez-Lopez and Maya Carrillo)

6    A Tool to Aid Institutions Recognize their Employees Competences Acquired by Informal Learning    (Francisco J. Garcνa-Peρalvo, Valentina Zangrando, Alicia Garcνa-Holgado, Miguel A. Conde-Gonzαlez, Antonio M. Seoane-Pardo, Marc Alier, Nikolas Galanis, Jordi Lσpez, Josι Janssen, Francis Brouns, Anton Finders, Adriana Berlanga, Peter Sloep, Dai Griffiths, Mark Johnson, Elwira Waszkiewicz, Aleksandra Mykowska, Milos Milovanovic, Miroslav Minovic, Maria A. Marques, Maria C. Viegas and Gustavo R. Alves)

7    Engaging Learning Technologies for the Classroom of Tomorrow    (Fabrizio Giorgini and Peter Reimann)

8    Signal Orchestration System for Face-to-Face Collaborative Learning Flows (video)    (Davinia Hernαndez-Leo, Raul Nieves, Juan Pablo Carrascal and Josep Blat)

9    GLUEPS-AR: A System for the Orchestration of Learning Situations Across Spaces Using Augmented Reality (video)    (Juan A. Muρoz-Cristσbal, Luis P. Prieto, Juan I. Asensio-Pιrez, Ivan M. Jorrνn-Abellαn, Alejandra Martνnez-Monιs and Yannis Dimitriadis)

10    Virtual Afghan Village as a Low-Cost Environment for Training Cultural Awareness in a Military Context    (Ekaterina Prasolova-Forland, Mikhail Fominykh and Ramin Darisiro)

11    etiquetAR: Tagging Learning Experiences    (Mar Pιrez-Sanagustνn, Alejandro Martinez and Carlos Delgado Kloos)

12    Tracking a Web 2.0 Collaborative Learning Environment (video)    (Benedicte Talon, Insaf Kerkeni, Sabra Tliche and Henda Belaid-Ajroud)

13    MentorChat: A Teacher-Configurable Conversational Agent that Promotes Students’ Productive Talk    (Stergios Tegos, Stavros Demetriadis and Anastasios Karakostas)

14    nQuire for the OpenScience Lab: Supporting Communities of Inquiry Learning    (Eloy David Villasclaras Fernandez, Mike Sharples, Simon Kelley and Eileen Scanlon)

15    QuesTInSitu: The Game, a Mobile Application for Supporting Gamified Situated Learning Activities (video)    (Javier Melero, Patricia Santos, Davinia Hernandez-Leo and Josep Blat)

16    Eco-dealers Game (video)    (Lucia Pannese, Marco Pompa, Giancarlo Bo and Li Zhu)

17    The iTEC Widget Store and Omelette OMDL: an infrastructure for extending the VLE through inter-operable Web apps    (David Griffiths, Kris Popat, Paul Sharples and Johnson Mark)

18    AREA, an online platform that enables the creation and sharing of iTEC learning activities.    (Manuel Caeiro Rodrνguez, Roberto Perez Rodrνguez, Javier Garcia Alonso, Mario Manso Vαzquez, Agustνn Caρas Rodriguez, Juan Santos Gago and Luis Anido Rifon)

19    LearnWeb2(squared): combining web search and social networking to provide an improved collaborative learning experience (video)    (Ivana Marenzi, Jaspreet Singh, Rahil Arora, Ankit Sharma, Philipp Kemkes and Sergej Zerr)

20    METIS Learning Design Workshops and Integrated Environment (video)    (Davinia Hernandez-Leo, Yishay Mor, Luis Pablo Prieto, Michael Derntl, Juan I. Asensio-Perez and Jonathan Chacón)

21    Demonstration of PLOTs from the EuroPLOT project (info)    (Reinhold Behringer, Pavel Cech, Jaroslava Mikulecka, Carl Smith, Christian Grund Sørensen, Margrethe Winther-Nielsen, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and Peter Øhrstrøm)

22    Towards a Sustainable Learner Model (link)    (Daire Ó Broin)


Posters (17:30 - 21:00)

No.    title    authors
1    On Self-Adapting Recommendations of Curricula for an Individual Learning Experience    (Sebastian Bab and Luise Kranich)

2    A Generative Computer Language to Customize Online Learning Assessments    (Antonio Balderas, Ivαn Ruiz-Rube, Juan Manuel Dodero, Manuel Palomo-Duarte and Anke Berns)

3    Monitoring Learning in Children with Autism    (Valentina Bartalesi, Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Barbara Leporini and Caterina Senette)

4    From Geocaching to Mobile Persuasive Learning - Motivating the Interest in the Life and Work of Kaj Munk    (Lasse Burri Gram-Hansen, Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen and Peter Øhrstrøm)

5    Detecting Discourse Creativity in Chat Conversations    (Costin-Gabriel Chiru and Traian Rebedea)

6    IEEE-IST Academic: A Web-based Educational Resources Case-Study    (Rui Costa and Ana Moura Santos)

7    Semantic Social Sensing for Improving Simulation Environments for Learning    (Vania Dimitrova, Christina M. Steiner, Dimoklis Despotakis, Paul Brna, Antonio Ascolese, Lucia Pannese and Dietrich Albert)

8    A Methodological Proposal to Design of a Trace-based System to Qualify Cognitive Features Inscribed in Digital Learning Resources    (Franηoise Greffier and Federico Tajariol)

9    Towards An Integrated Model of Teacher Inquiry into Student Learning, Learning Design, and Learning Analytics    (Cecilie Hansen, Valerie Emin, Barbara Wasson, Yishay Mor, Marνa Jesϊs Rodrνguez-Triana, Mihai Dascalu, Rebecca Ferguson and Jean-Philippe Pernin)

10    Learning Instructional Design in a Project-based, Technology-Enhanced Course    (Ioana Hartescu)

11    Enriching the Web for Vocabulary Learning    (Rσbert Horvαth and Mariαn Šimko)

12    Digital Didactical Designs in iPad-classrooms    (Isa Jahnke, Lars Norqvist and Andreas Olsson)

13    A Hybrid Multi-Recommender System for a Teaching and Learning Community for the Dual System of Vocational Education and Training    (Xi Kong, Susanne Boll and Wilko Heuten)

14    Reflective Learning in the Workplace: The Role of Emotion    (Birgit R. Krogstie and Monica Divitini)

15    Design and Implementation of Conversational Agents for Harvesting Feedback in eLearning Systems    (Karsten Lundqvist, Guy Pursey and Shirley Williams)

16    A Context Modelling System and Learning Tool for Context-Aware Recommender Systems    (Christos Mettouris, Achilleas P. Achilleos and George Angelos Papadopoulos)

17    Sharing the Burden: Introducing Student-Centered Orchestration in Across-Spaces Learning Situations    (Juan A. Muρoz-Cristσbal, Luis P. Prieto, Juan I. Asensio-Pιrez, Ivan M. Jorrνn-Abellαn, Alejandra Martνnez-Monιs and Yannis Dimitriadis)

18    Virtual Communities of Practice in Academia: Automated Analysis of Collaboration Based on the Social Knowledge-Building Model    (Nicolae Nistor, Mihai Dascalu, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Dan Mihaila, Beate Baltes and George Smeaton)

19    Transforming the Campus into a Digitally Augmented Learning Space Using EtiquetAR    (Mar Pιrez-Sanagustνn, Javier Melero, Davinia Hernαndez-Leo, Carlos Delgado Kloos and Josep Blat)

20    How Useful are Semantic links for the Detection of Implicit References in CSCL Chats?    (Traian Rebedea and Gabriel Gutu)

21    Learning with e-Flashcards – Does it Matter?    (Inga Saatz and Andrea Kienle)

22    Interdisciplinary Knowledge Creation in Technology Enhanced Learning    (Eileen Scanlon, Grainne Conole, Gill Clough and Canan Blake)

23    Evaluating System Functionality in Social Personalized Adaptive E-Learning Systems    (Lei Shi, Malik Awan and Alexandra Cristea)

24    JACK Revisited: Scaling up in Multiple Dimensions    (Michael Striewe and Michael Goedicke)

25    Evaluating Relevance of Educational Resources of Social and Semantic Web    (Davide Taibi, Giovanni Fulantelli, Stefan Dietze and Besnik Fetahu)

26    Designing Computation Systems for Serendipity in Learning    (Maria Taramigkou, Fotis Paraskevopoulos, Efthimios Bothos, Dimitris Apostolou and Gregoris Mentzas)

27    Designing Scalable Informal Learning Solutions with Personas: A Pilot Study in the Healthcare Sector    (Stefan Thalmann, Vanessa Borntrager, Tamsin Treasure-Jones, John Sandars, Ronald Maier, Kathrin Widmann and Micky Kerr)

28    Enabling Educators to Design Serious Games – A Serious Game Logic and Structure Modeling Language (GLiSMo)    (Niroshan Thillainathan, Holger Hoffmann, Eike M. Hirdes and Jan Marco Leimeister)

29    Re-engineering the Uptake of ICT in Schools    (Frans Van Assche, Bernd Simon, Michael Aram, Jean-Noλl Colin, Hoang Minh Tien, Dai Griffiths, Kris Popat, Luis Anido, Manuel Caeiro-Rodrνguez, Juan Santos-Gago, Will Ellis and Joris Klerkx)

30    The Open Design Library    (Patricia Santos, John Cook, Gilbert Peffer and Pablo Franzolini)

31    weSPOT: Working Environment with Social and Personal Open Tools for inquiry based learning    (Elisabetta Parodi, Fabrizio Giorgini, Marcus Specht, Simone Kopeinik, Fotini Haimala and Aristos Protopsaltis)

32    NewsJob: Becoming Entrepreneurs! Developing New Skills for New Jobs    (Fabrizio Giorgini and Edi Fanti)

33    Immersive Layers Design - Interface Design Using Kairos    (Christian Grund Sørensen)

34    Persuasive Technology for Learning and Teaching - The EuroPLOT Project (info)    (Reinhold Behringer, Erich Herber, Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen, Jaroslava Mikulecka, Carl Smith, Christian Grund Sψrensen, Meg Soosay, Margrethe Winther-Nielsen, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and Peter Øhrstrøm)

35    ECOLNET: Learning and Assessment for Ecotourism (Lucia Pannese, Luca Rioli and Antonio Ascolese)

EC-TEL 2013

Supporting Organizations

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Tallinn University
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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